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The story

A place where we go to get inspired and to give products a new identity, a new story, a new life. It doesn’t matter where the products come from, which label they had or what kind of background, in our store the products are reborn.  All our products are handpicked by their quality, materials, color and some of them are even customized. Our collection consists of fashion, accessories, home decorations, art and books. A whole range of lifestyle products that will trigger your creative mind into something youthful and different. 

Our store wants to create a new way of shopping. Where we not only shop for ourselves and obviously shop sustainable, but also automatically make the world a better place by doing it. Therefore we decided to work close together with our Hidden Youth Foundation that fights against homelessness. The profit of our store will go to the projects that we organize with our foundation. Think of our Christmas events, donating clothing, giving food and conversations. Our bigger goal through this platform will eventually be to try and build houses for our European homeless community. With our artists, customers and team, we can build this together and make it into reality. So that with our help, many people can have a second chance to build their life again. This makes shopping even better, don’t you think? - Let’s make this world a more creative, loving and better place.

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"A platform based on hidden gems, new faces and raw voices of the creative realm."

hidden Youth